Debut Album:


Through an endless ocean of sounds, DADALON — Daniel Dor (Synths and Drums), and AlonAlbagli (Guitars and OP1) — lead us along a new path, enriched and fertile for those in seek of a new musical home. Pouring like the strings on a dark Gibson, the two Brooklyn basedmusicians carefully wash their audience with their own personal vision, rigorously tailored and put together, as if meant for your ears only.

The two’s highly anticipated self titled release sets us off on a heartfelt journey, in the spirit of their acclaimed live performances. Recorded live, the duo captures a unique fusion of sonic
elements, lit by the fire of what can be described as Meditative Rock and Roll. The lush cymbal ringings of Dor’s one-handed drumming and the heavy lows coming out of his left handed synth, along the pulsating strumming of Albagli’s guitar, are all faithfully crafted in honor of their listeners. One can notice the subtleties and intricacies of sound generated by Albagli’s use of the OP1 synthesizer, as well as his unique use of amplification and effects.